About us

Welcome to People to People - a project with a future

Getting to know the world, connecting with people all over the world on an equal footing – this is what we want to achieve with our business idea.

People to People has been around since 1998. Our offer is versatile and unique in this composition: journeys, books, arts and crafts, cultural goods and wines.

In addition to our travel agency and retail shop in Gelsenkirchen, we have a nationwide sales network with people to people agencies in many cities. Since the beginning of our work we have made the experience that this idea is spreading, appealing and needed:

The idea of practicing international friendship and solidarity in a variety of ways, to promote it, to make it tangible.

Practicing: through cooperation with suppliers and travel partners for mutual benefit, by supporting progressive organizations in different countries through trade and joint preparation and implementation of group trips.

To promote: by making known our partners, the organizations and their goals, through an international offer of media, by travelling, by combining recreation and getting to know the people, their culture, their living and working conditions.

Making people’s friendships experienceable: International friendship becomes a direct experience when you travel, for example when you take part in our People to People group trips or when you take advantage of the offers to get to know the country and its people in various People to People holiday destinations with our local contacts.

International friendship also requires broadening one’s horizon, looking beyond one’s own nose, dealing with new questions of social development, learning from history, being open to new ideas and insights. Whether through literature by progressive scientists such as the brain researcher Prof. Gerald Hüther or documents from the environmental trade union. Or on the bus trips with educational offers, e.g. to the wineries of our wine trade partners with information about the location of the winegrowers and an introduction to the cultivation, care and enjoyment of wine.

Our selected range of books also includes the entire programme of the Neuer Weg publishing house, which sells a wide range of interesting, progressive, anti-fascist, internationalist and Marxist-Leninist literature, videos and other materials.

Such a varied offer and concern has many friends, interested parties, partners and supporters. You can join the queue:

  • Become a People to People agency yourself.
  • Order our travel news and spread the word.
  • A good idea always needs many volunteers – join in!
  • Order your books and travel right here on the homepage and browse through our shop –
  • every travel booking and every purchase at People to People is a contribution in the sense of our motto

International friendship is our program!