Get to know Kathmandu

Our holiday flat is in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Here you can discover old royal cities, temples and the city life and hustle and bustle. Take the opportunity to shop or follow our insider tip: relax with a barber and massage!

Freizeitmöglichkeiten direkt von der Wohnung aus

Morning Walking

It is less than 5 minutes from the house to the “Proposed Waste Water Treatment Site” on the city map. It is well suited for a morning walking round. From the house turn right along the wall of Sunrise Tower to Dhobigatstraße, then turn right. Take the next left and walk towards the gate for this area.

Theme Park Whoopeeland

If you want it “Whoopeeland like”, you only have to cross the pedestrian bridge over the Bagmati, (at the end of Dhobighat Street). At the road keep left, the next road left, then over the hill and there keep left. Whoopeeland can be seen from afar.

Short walk at Bagmati

Move on from Walking Field. Then you come to the Bagmati River and can walk to the breakthrough where it leaves the Kathmandu Valley.

Hike to Bagmati Breakthrough

Walk over the pedestrian bridge at the end of Dhobighat Street, then keep left. Continue on the road until you reach the Chobhar or Aadinat temple on the left side by a staircase, walk quietly up all the stairs. The view is worth it!

Then go down a little on the back and see Whoopeeland. Now keep left, orientate yourself at Jal Binayark Temple. There is a small park with a cave. The road that you come to when you cross the Bagmati leads directly past the park. There you can also take the bus for a few rupees.

On foot to Kirtipur

First cross the bridge over the Bhagmati. On the other side a footpath goes directly up, which ends on a road. Follow this road to Kirtipur. At the first intersection you will come to a long staircase. Go up these, then you can fight your way to the old town. You can see Kirtipur, which was unfortunately destroyed by the earthquake. How good it is that Kirtipur is being rebuilt in its original style. You can eat real Newar there in a Newar restaurant.

From the temple you have a very nice view over the Kathmandu valley. The Kathmandu valley was defended from Kirtipur. At the temple hang the weapons with which the valley was conquered.


A nice and yet quite inexpensive place for dinner is the Siddhartha Restaurant, right on the other side of Ring Road. It is a green oasis for Kathmandu and it tastes very good there. You can reach it on foot in five minutes via Dhobigat Street in the direction of Ring Road. You will come to a small fork in the road, here you take the right road over Ring Road and then straight ahead. The Siddhartha Restaurant is on the left.


If you walk a little further from Siddhartha towards Patan, you will come across the zoo of Kathamandu. It is not very big, but also here it is quite possible to escape the lively Kathmandu for one or two hours.


You can also indulge in medical massage or physiotherapy after a 5 minute walk before the Ring Road. To do this, take the left path at the fork in the road.